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Idari Online System Specs


Idari Online System works over the Internet and is specialized in organizing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and financial and task management with sales force automation and expenses. Idari online comes with the ability to use the stock system to manage your warehouses and branches and a special ability to perform booking for specific item for rental such as car rental or hotel room rental or equipment rental.

Since the system works over the Internet server that leads to the special characteristics:

1-      Online Access: Access the application anywhere anytime using the username and password for each user. That means you don't have to physical be at the company to access your information.

2-      Open License: there is no need to setup the application on any computer or server in your company. You simply use the system using any Internet browser. No need to buy license for every computer you use.

3-      Single Database: using one online database unifies the data for your company if you have multiple branches. They all work on the same database real time.

4-      Easy contacts: using the built in online email system you can send emails to all your customers any time you wish with a single click.

5-      Fast support: the online system makes it easy to achieve sales and customer support.

6-      Ease of use: the system offers ease of use and precision in achieving targets.

Idari Online offers the ability to switch between English and Arabic Languages (and soon French and Spanish) and change background color for the system. It allows for  setting permissions for each user and monitoring their daily log file. The system allows you to create cash boxes and bank accounts to link it directly to your financial activities such as payments or receivables. Idari Online also organizes task management between users within the company since it allows each user to send and receive tasks with a nice calendar to show tasks on daily, weekly or monthly format. It also allows for easy filter for reporting to all aspects of your activities such as customer and sales reports or suppliers or expenses. It also allows you ease of contact with your customers or public relations through sending direct emails after using the filter to get a specific range of customers. It also allows the transfer of customers from one sales person to another which leads to quick management of your sales team as a marketing manager.

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