General Specs:

1-      Multi Currency

2-      Exchange Rates

3-      Option for TVA (Tax) or no TVA (Tax)

4-      Ease of update for Company logo and information


1-      Create users as supper admin or regular users

2-      Set permissions for regular users

3-      Log file for user activities

Financial Boxes and Banks:

1-      Create multiple financial boxes

2-      Create multiple bank accounts

3-      Link payments and deposits to both financial boxes and bank accounts

4-      Enter checks directly and link it to payment vouchers

Phone Book:

1-      Use phone book for general contacts (non customers) for public relasions through entering name, phone number, email and other info for any person you wish to contact.

2-      Organize contact through detailed list of choices

Task Management (between users):

1-      Create actions (categories) for tasks (example: phone call or email or meeting…)

2-      List of tasks created by you

3-      List of tasks sent to you

4-      Task calendar that lists tasks sent to you on daily, weekly or monthly format

5-      Create task to one or multiple users (CC) with setting the deadline for each task and listing information and attachment for each task


1-      List of branches

2-      Create new branches

Projects (to link it to sales and expense):

1-      List of projects

2-      Create new projects


1-      Categories for products

2-      List of stock

3-      Adding new stocks with 3 options:

a.       Stock item

b.      Service item

c.       Booking item

4-      List of stock items (filtered by branch)

5-      Move stock between branches


1-      Booking information

2-      List of booking

3-      Adding new booking for any item that is set as booking


1-      List of employees with view of monthly salary history for each employee

2-      Enter salary for each employee

3-      Make payment for each employee with payment voucher


1-      Manage types (example: doctor, engineer, computer company…)

2-      Manage status (example: customer, prospect, VIP…)

3-      Manage religions

4-      Manage geographic locations

5-      Add new or prospect customers with detailed information

6-      Create new sales invoice with stock or services

7-      Create new receivable voucher

8-      Edit sales invoice

9-      Return sales invoice


1-      List of suppliers

2-      Create new supplier

3-      New purchase invoice from supplier (with stock entered to system)

4-      Return invoice

5-      New payment voucher to supplier


1-      Set new companies for expense

2-      Add new expense purchase

3-      Return expense

4-      Payment voucher for expense account


1-      General reports

a.       Filter options

                                                               i.      Branch

                                                             ii.      User

                                                            iii.      Project

                                                           iv.      Financial box

                                                             v.      From date to date

                                                           vi.      Employee or customer

                                                          vii.      Expense or supplier

                                                        viii.      Invoices, payments or return

                                                           ix.      Balance or account

                                                             x.      Date ascending or date descending

b.      List report items

                                                               i.      Filter options

1.       Branch

2.       User

3.       Project

4.       From date to date

5.       Specific item


1-      Search customers

2-      Export data

a.       From phone book or from customers

b.      Set user

c.       Choose type

d.      Choose phone numbers only or emails only

e.      Export to excel

3-      Send direct email after filter options

4-      Transfer customers from one user to another

5-      History of customer transfers

6-      Create backup for database


1-      Job categories

2-      Job departments

3-      Enter detailed info for each applicant with attach for CV as pdf or work

4-      Search and edit

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